Easily bring Libre-Office into the 21st Century.

For years I have avoided pirating MS Office because unlike Photoshop, there is a reasonable open-source alternative available (sorry to people who think the Gimp is reasonable - that shit ain't right). So I've used Open Office, and now Libre Office, always kind of hating my poverty and my ideology for forcing me to use what amounts to decade-old interface design and always trying to find a tricksy little hack around it with no success.

Until today.

Turns out if you put the program in full-screen mode you can edit the full-screen floating toolbar to have any number of useful menu options. This basically gives you a menu-bar-free interface (saving valuable vertical pixels).


The toolbar, once filled with your menu commands, is also completely customizable. To change the text or icon of a menu item, just right click on the toolbar > select 'customize' > select the command you want to customize (from the list) > then access the 'modify' drop-down for all available options. I haven't had time to really mess with this part yet, but it would be a great chance to replace some ugly icons.

Not a bad solution, especially for people who are used to the Adobe Creative Suite layout style. A nice, functional, floating sidebar that saves a ton of vertical pixels. It's a single click to see the status bar (for word counts, etc.) and on the rare occasion any additional menu functions are needed, it's a single click to get out of full-screen.

Maybe not a world-changer, but it does the trick.

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